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Manifesting January 1 2021

Johanna Hedva

Black Moon Lilith in Pisces in the 4th House

Mystical doom, hag blues, confrontationally pure: Black Moon Lilith in Pisces in the 4th House is a solo electric guitar and voice performance that is as much a cathartic purging of loss as it is a droned-out metal colossus that summons the holy spirit. Informed by Korean shamanist ritual and the Korean tradition of P’ansori singing (which demands rehearsal next to waterfalls, in order to ravage the vocal cords), as well as by Keiji Haino, Diamanda Galás, and Jeff Buckley, this performance—termed “intimate metal” by a fan—is a grief ritual for Hedva’s mother.
Co-released by crystalline morphologies and Sming Sming.
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Album out Jan. 1 2021

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Los Angeles

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